Su'a Music library - The Sessions Vol.1

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   The Sessions Vol.1 this library was developed and created by Jarom Su'a, Jbyss, Thomas Crager, Benjii Yang, Samazin music, Eiby, Cash Got Heat, Cyclope Beatz, and Mike B. It has all the vibes you are looking for. Experimenting with texture and blending R&B chord progressions into them, The Sessions® was created to evoke emotion. Each sample was created with live guitars, rhodes, pianos, vocals and processed with top of the line plugins and gear.  Aimed to be poignant and lush. Each composition has meticulous attention to detail.



   * 14 Full-length, original compositional progressions in 24 bit .wav format COMES WITH STEMS

   * labeled with BPM and KEY for easy project management

   * Mixed with plenty of headroom * Compatible with DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices that accept .wav format

   * Hassle-free clearance


But you think this is big? This is just Volume 1.


Made by Su’a Music Library®//

Su'a Music library - The Sessions Vol.1